From a paying to a payed User

The Principle

We are a very small company, but we are thinking big.  That wil only work with help from a huge community of users working on the system.  There are many working examples on the net.  Among those the most popular are probably Wikipedia and Stack Overflow.  Content is generated by Users and Users take care on the quality of the content by valuating eachother.

Our portal will be organized very similar with one important distinction:   Services on our portal are not completely free.   But the larger part of our revenue flows back to our users or partners.   And this flow is controlled by the amount of service that our users contribute.  The effect is, that active Users not only save their monthly fee, but can also improver their long term income, because they are preferred in our SpillOver algorithm, filling up their downline (→ Partner structure).

Collecting Kudos - Our Rating System 

Participation in the success of can look very different. We evaluate performance in very different categories 
  • Translations
  • Creating descriptions of each type
  • Reviews
  • Creating promotional materials
  • Formulating important questions
  • Answering questions 
  • moderator activity
and much more. In each of these categories we honour activity with category points. The various category points are measured relative to each other, so that we can convert the category points into general "Kudos". Kudos are the basis for the ranking of the user. The place in the ranking is in turn the basis for our reward system, which is independent of the commission system from the partner structure. 

Wherever you see the Kudo icon, you have the opportunity to improve your account in principle. When you hover the mouse over the icon you will see what to do there.  A click on the icon takes you to the corresponding function. 

The Reward System 

There are two kind of rewards
  • Compensation of its own membership fee (x Kudos to correspond to a monthly fee) 
  • Indirect long-term reward by preferred spillover of references that cannot be assigned to a specific partner  (see also → Partner structure)
For the compensation of a monthly fee the acquisition of new Kudos in the last three months is important. 
For the long-term reward the accumulated number of Kudos is the foundation.