UlangoTV IPTV Explorer

What's the deal with our new app UlangoTV IPTV Explorer?

UlangoTV IPTV Explorer is an app to watch TV. Thousends of international TV streams that are posted somewhere on the internet can be watched without additional receiver, right on your internet-connected Samsung TV or your Android device such as TV Sticks or Boxes sitting on any HDMI-equipped TV or Tablets or Smartphones.  A very popular device is e.g. the Amazon Fire TV.

With constantly improving internet connections it becomes more and more reliable to use so called IPTV (Internet Protocoll TV). We and our users are watching the internet to find so called m3u lists with links pointing to streaming servers.  Our service, which is not free, is to check these lists with millions of entries and match them with our huge database of live IPTV channels. Result is a dictionary of world wide IPTV channels, where  streaming servers are currently known.  The resulting list of streams is changing very fast and we cannot guarantee quality and availability of specific streams, because we are not operating any streaming servers by our own.  They can only be watched with our black box app UlangoTV. But not only this: we are maintaining individual playlists for our users, that can be set up using your Web Browser

Here on ulango.tv you can select your favorite channels and setup your favorite lists. You may define playlists for up to three TVs or BlueRay players or Android devices.

You need a stable internet connection. Best results will be achieved when your TV or Android Box is directly connected to an Ethernet based LAN.

Players must be equipped with Samsung SmartHub. So you my also use a suitable BluRay player or home theater. UlangoTV is supported since the C-series (2010) up to the H-Series (2014) and Android devices from 4.2.2 (Honeycomb) and later.